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December 2014: Automating Resume Compliant/Compelling Verification Using Keyword/ Keyphrase Search U

Very often customers ask for resumes for Key Personnel, which usually number between 3 and 10 people. Required qualifications and capabilities are usually specified in the RFP via the SOW or Labor Category attachment. Even for the 3-10 Key Personnel, a small army of proposal writers and fact checkers will work over several weeks rewriting/ scrubbing the resumes and verifying that ALL requirements are shown somewhere in the text. And, from our experience, we know it is likely that the evaluators will be doing some form of word search to look for and verify those requirements. So, what happens if we multiply that number of required resumes by 10x, and each must meet/ exceed certain LCAT qualifications/ requirements/ desirements ? This daunting task becomes even more time consuming, unless we automate a portion of the work. Proposal Navigator®'s Keyword/ Keyphrase search utility is ideally suited to address this challenge, as it significantly speeds up and removes the human error element from the fact-checking/ verification task. Steps are as follows:

  • Extract/ determine keywords/ keyphrases (e.g. "system engineering", "program management", "reporting") from the applicable SOW or other LCAT specification

  • Insert them into Proposal Navigator®'s Keyword/ Keyphrase list

  • Execute the Keyword/ Keyphrase search utility on (i.e. "point to") the target resume(s)

  • Review the search statistics for found/ not found, and found/ blue highlighted Word output

  • Make corrections to resumes based on search output

  • Rerun utility until all requirements are shown to exist in resume(s)

This innovative process and Proposal Navigator® tool efficiencies add productive work days to your constrained proposal development timelines. Contact us for your capture/proposal support needs or to arrange your Proposal Navigator® system capability demonstration. 2014/2015 pricing is $25,000 annual subscription (unlimited use) per proposal center site.

The Proposal Team's Mission

Synthesize and package the capture team’s vision into a compliant, convincing and compelling offering whose selection can be successfully defended ... without breaking the pursuit budget “bank”...

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