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December 2016: Incumbency of Key Personnel, By Itself, Does Not Pass Evaluation Muster

While we understand the potential advantages of proposing key personnel from a successful predecessor or other past performance program, we must carefully propose them against all of the solicitation requirements, and assume nothing is a “given” even from prior highly similar and relevant experience. In a recently published protest decision (Matter of: Abacus Technology Corporation; SMS Data Products Group, Inc., B-413421), the protester proposed a candidate who had served in a similar capacity for the incumbent contractor. While in its proposal the protester stated that its candidate had many years of relevant experience and extensive on the job training, it failed to “describe how such experiences and training met the PWS requirements.” In denying the protest in part because the protester failed to demonstrate compliance with all of the required qualifications, the GAO stated that “[m]erely proposing an incumbent employee, or one with ‘significant professional experience,’ does not establish that the individual fulfills the requirements under a subsequent solicitation.” Hence, regardless of how qualified and well known our incumbent key personnel are, we must be diligent in showing compliance with all of the new solicitation requirements, as though they are a complete unknown to the customer. Black Dog Technology LLC's innovative processes and Proposal Navigator® toolsuite efficiencies add significant productive work days to your constrained proposal development timelines. Contact us for your capture/proposal support needs or to arrange your Proposal Navigator® system capability demonstration. 2016/2017 pricing is $25,000 annual subscription (unlimited use) per proposal center site.

The Proposal Team's Mission

Synthesize and package the capture team’s vision into a compliant, convincing and compelling offering whose selection can be successfully defended ... without breaking the pursuit budget “bank”...

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