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Capture & Proposal Management

We recognize that the business of capture and proposal development is a team endeavor. Our experienced leadership, innovative processes and enabling tools to assure successful prosecution through Evaluation Notices, Final Proposal Revision and beyond. proposal management system, proposal tool, proposal software

​In the Capture Manager role, we provide complete capture planning and execution, from pre-proposal through contract award.


In collaboration with our clients, we develop and refine capture strategies, win themes, discriminators and strengths for industry-wide business opportunities.


Depending on our clients' needs, we organize, chair, or participate in, all color reviews from Blue and Black early in capture through Gold at proposal completion.


​Our view of the proposal team's mission is to:


  • Synthesize and package the capture team’s vision

  • Into a compliant, convincing and compelling offering

  • Whose selection can be successfully defended

  • Without breaking the pursuit budget "bank."

We apply our innovative proposal processes to successfully complete early proposal development efforts--in several weeks shorter than the typical timeline--to position you for low-risk proposal execution.


​We'll help you get from Authority To Proceed (ATP) to a successful Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) with expertise in Project Planning, Earned Value Management Systems, CAM training and IBR preparation.

We 'll also provide expertise to assure that the first phase of your two-phase acqusition with downselect (at PDR, for example) is successfully executed.  To us, that means, among other things, on-time, on-budget delivery of SRR, SDR and PDR CDRLs, and exceeding your customer's expectations at those reviews....positioning to be the preferred provider prior to the final RFP.

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