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July 2016: Final Proposal Revision (FPR) Don’ts and Do’s

As you know, in a FPR kickoff, clear instructions to the “troops” are paramount to ensure everyone is on the same page for the short turnaround response. At this meeting, I brief the following as a best practice:

  • DON’T break compliance when you delete existing text

  • DO make the Change Matrix and text updates “Bat Cave Signage” obvious (recalling the TV Batman series of the 60’s), so that a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz could follow it

  • DO turn on track changes and track every change made

  • DON’T make any changes to the documents unless you can tie them explicitly to an IR/EN or to the FPR instructions (i.e. don’t fix typos or English randomly or for no reason)

  • You will annoy the evaluator

  • All fixes must be shown/ justified in the Change Matrix

  • DO try converting weaknesses into strengths to get better color scores, vice just removing weaknesses

  • DO reference the IRs/ENs to make sure we answer them completely

  • DO answer every IR/EN in the section referenced, however idiodic

  • DON’T renumber existing Tables/Figures (it will confuse the evaluator)

  • If you update and existing Table/Figure, keep the original number

  • If you add a new Table/Figure, then use x.x-A, x.x-B (alpha) nomenclature, to keep the original x.x-1, x.x-2 numbering the same

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The Proposal Team's Mission

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