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July 2012: Save 40% of the BOE Budget

Lately I’ve been hearing over and over again from capture managers and BD executives on how they’ve been admonished for overspending B&P on pursuits. Because BOE development often costs 25% or more of the entire proposal budget, it is ripe for process improvement in the area of cost savings.

I recently completed an engagement where BOE development process improvements resulted in a savings of 40% of the BOE budget, while simultaneously completing the high-quality BOEs on schedule.

How was it accomplished ?

  • Top down strategy developed and implemented from day 1

  • A Ford Motor Company assembly line approach, not Rolls Royce hand-build one at a time

  • Use of a small number of analogous prior programs

  • Heavy use of pre-developed templates and models, significant copy/ paste to similar BOEs

  • Small core team of good BOE writers, no cast of thousands, SME support on call

  • Core team fixed math and language problems, not just send-back for rework, which significantly reduced waste and churn

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