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March 2014: Extracting and Compiling Cross-Reference Data From Technical/Management Volume Orals Pre

This article is a followup on the same topic to November's Automating Review Comment Management With Simple VBA Tools and January's Automating BOE Rollups vs. Pricing Compare With Simple VBA Tools.

Though orals presentations are not as common as written Technical / Management Volumes, they present their own unique challenges.

One challenge is the cross-reference matrix of L, M, SOW, etc. to the presentation slide slide number. Unlike written volumes, the "Table of Contents" or outline of a presentation deck is not necessarily relatively stable....presentation slides come and go, and get rearranged, often like the wind. Countless hours are spent keeping up with the changes, and maintaining an accurate cross-reference matrix by slide for each new configuration or order....or not ?

Another challenge is making changes/ updates in parallel by multiple personnel on the master slide deck, often with severe time constraints. Difficult to achieve...right ?

Both of these challenges are easily managed ... in minutes...not hours...using simple VBA software tools which operate within the Microsoft Office environment, in conjunction with the Proposal Navigator® system.

The process improvements and benefits, enabled by unique Black Dog Technology LLC expertise, are:

  • Re-integrating the slide master deck from multiple slide sub-deck files

  • Regenerating the slide by slide outline on the fly as it changes

  • Extracting multiple cross references by slide number

  • Importing the slide outline and cross references into the Proposal Navigator® system for evaluation and reverse-matrix validation of coverage

Contact us to arrange your Proposal Navigator® system capability demonstration.

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