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January 2013: The System Integration Revolution in Proposal Development and Management


In 2012, after more than four years of development, Black Dog Technology LLC's revolutionary Proposal Navigator® system was commercially launched and successfully engaged on several complex ~$250M prime proposals. Unmatched in industry, Proposal Navigator® uniquely provides a System Integration platform for proposal development and management, one of the most significant innovations in this field since the introduction of the "system engineering" approach in the 1980s. HOW IT WORKS—WHY IT BENEFITS YOU AND YOUR TEAMS Working within your proposal process framework, this United States patent pending method and system facilitates process streamlining from pre-proposal capture through proposal delivery, by by integrating the proposal management and proposal data management aspects in a single configuration-controlled relational database system, and by automating using software programs many of the required tasks and workflows that have previously been performed manually. Proposal Navigator® thereby enables task completion by smaller teams in shorter times, reducing proposal development schedule risk, and providing for more efficient use of capture/ proposal budget. As just one example, you can realistically achieve RFP to L/M cross-referenced proposal outline in <24 hours…not days. INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE FEATURES Proposal Navigator®’s menu-driven, user friendly interface provides on-demand team access to its many capabilities. Its industry-exclusive relational database feature fully integrates the proposal outline with all required reference lists, such as L, M, SOO, WBS, CDRLs, as well as extended reference lists, including themes, strengths and risks. This feature, unmatched by any other proposal management system, enables the following streamlined processes: • Top-down proposal architecture development and cross-reference allocation • Cross reference matrix generation, maintenance and validation via reverse-matrix • Generate draft proposal documents • Writers’ Guides and Reviewers’ Checklists • Update Don’t Use with Use application OTHER INTEGRATED FEATURES • Shred RFP documents to requirements • Proposal outline development • Proposal schedule/calendar • Status generation and reporting • Generate Acronyms list • System backup/restore • Full Microsoft® Office Excel data import/export COMPREHENSIVE USER AND TRAINING GUIDE • 175 page fully illustrated step-by-step User and Training Guide • Morning training session: Overview and discussion of features and capabilities • Afternoon training session: Hands-on workshop, mock RFP to proposal launch/ kickoff SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Proposal Navigator® may be installed on any system (including TS/SCI closed areas) which supports Microsoft® Office Access 2007 (SP1 or later), or the Access 2007 runtime library. LICENSING • Per proposal use • Proposal center site license • Enterprise (multiple proposal centers) license • Free Trial offer with proposal services engagement Contact us to arrange your Proposal Navigator® system capability demonstration in 2013.

The Proposal Team's Mission

Synthesize and package the capture team’s vision into a compliant, convincing and compelling offering whose selection can be successfully defended ... without breaking the B&P “bank”...

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