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April 2013: Streamlining BOE Development With Proposal Navigator®

I'm sure you've seen the Basis Of Estimate (BOE) development portion of a proposal often take 25% or more of the entire proposal development budget. Wow! It is, as you all know, one of the most painstaking drudgeries that we see pretty much on every proposal we work. You've been reading about how Proposal Navigator® streamlines "regular" proposal work--the usual management and technical volumes, past performance, and the like. This article describes how Proposal Navigator® likewise streamlines BOE development--resulting in similar cost and timeline savings--from my experience on a very complex, large cost proposal. Startup Timeline Actual--4-1/2 Work Days To Proposal Kickoff (Typical Timeline: 1-2 Weeks). Day 1: Initial setup of Proposal Navigator--CLIN and WBS outline, shred and load SOW, load CDRL list, load CLIN/SLIN list, load Calendar, load other Reference lists. Day 2-Day 3: Proposal Architecture Development - Update Outline, CLIN/SLIN and prior similar program cross-references, Day 4: Initial cross-reference of SOW to WBS Day 5: Initial Proposal Architecture complete, proposal Kickoff prep, generate initial set of Writers Guides & templates for BOE writer "quick-start". Day 5+, using the Proposal Navigator® system:

  • Writers' Guides provided quick-start to BOE writers with included prior relevant program, CLIN/SLIN, CDRLs, past relevant Task Descriptions and BOEs, included SOW text, not just paragraph reference

  • Easily managed status of ~500 unique (over 1000 total) BOEs under development

  • Provided assurance of complete > 100 page SOW coverage to WBS using Reverse-Matrix validation capability

  • Routinely updated/refreshed complete outline and cross-reference matrix based on Writer changes/inputs

  • Extended cross-reference matrix accommodates target hours and costs, as well as other desired/ required references/ datasets

Ready to Begin Pricing Actual--5 Weeks (Historical Timeline: 6 to 8 Weeks With Substantially Fewer BOEs)

  • BOEs completed, reviewed for accuracy/ consistency

  • Full mapping of SOW and other cross-references to WBS with reverse-matrix coverage validation

Contact us to arrange your Proposal Navigator® system capability demonstration in 2013.

The Proposal Team's Mission

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