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Black Dog Technology LLC

Capture & Proposal Consultants proposal tool, proposal management software, proposal software

Proposal Management

With eyes kept squarely on the win, we've re-engineered and improved proposal management processes with the  express goals of shortening timelines, reducing risk, and saving more of our clients' precious pursuit budgets for another day ...

Our Mission

​Since 2003, Black Dog Technology LLC has provided focused capture and proposal management services and solutions to Fortune 100 and top 10 defense industry companies. ​

We help our clients achieve their business objectives through application of sound management practices, streamlining processes and enabling software tools...without breaking the pursuit budget "bank."


Using our services and these Proposal Process Innovation℠ best practices, our clients have won more than $10 Billion in new business.

Proposal Navigator®

This breakthrough proposal develop- ment and management system enables proposal task completion by smaller teams in shorter durations, consistently decreasing proposal development timelines by weeks ...​​

Bid Protest Review™

​We keep in mind the possibility of an eventual protest, because this mindset provides critical input into the proposal decision making process.  While we must take GAO bid protest decisions with an appropriate grain of subjective salt, they do often provide valuable insights into ...

Our Industry Experience

  • Nxx Intelligence Community (TS/SCI)

  • ISR Ground Data Processing

  • Cloud Computing & Managed Services

  • Ground Communications Terminals

  • Cyber Security

  • Missile Defense

  • Military Global Positioning Systems

  • Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Systems

  • Overhead Persistent Infrared Systems

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